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During the night of the 28th of February, the town of Taray (Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas) was devastated by the flood of the Qoricocha Lake, with the sad result of 7 people dead and tens of people missing.
One of the victims of this disaster was the Intercultural School Wiñaypaq, literally swallowed by the fury of the waters. The Education Project Wiñaypaq, believes in an education based in Love, reciprocity, mutual breeding and respect and harmony between all our relations and Mother Earth.
The indigenous communities are our most valuable heritage. Even though our “modern” world doesn’t understand this, schools like Wiñaypaq work in making them stronger. We need your help to keep this project going on. Thank you

Pictures before and after the floods...

Part of the facade of the family house where the solar ovens were located

Wiñaypaq school classroom and director’s office

Interior of a classroom before and after the floods.

Facade of the primary classroom, before and after the floods



Codigo Swift: BCONPEPL
011 200 000200731635 35

For colaborations from the same bank:
0011 0200 0200731635 35

For more information and to let know when a deposit is made:

Videos on Wiñaypaq

Permacultura: Un puente entre el pasado y el futuro” Taray, 2009)

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Updated program: Permaculture Encounter “A Bridge from the Past to the Future”

Hey everyone!
Here you will find the updated program for the Permaculture Encounter that will be held this week (6-9 August) in Taray, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco.
Unfortunetly we don't have it available in English.
We will be soon posting the photos of the Encuentro!
Have a great week!!



Jueves 6

9:00 – 11:00 Pago a la Tierra y Registro

11:00 -13:00

· Inauguración del Encuentro.

· Introducción a la permacultura – problemática y soluciones a cargo de Ursula Leyva y Maria Eugenia de Aliaga certificadas en cursos de permacultura en Argentina. (El bolsón y Ecoaldea Gaia)

· Conversatorio

12:30-13:00 Ceremonia Bendición de la Semilla

13:00 – 15:00 Almuerzo

15:00 -16:00 Agricultura Orgánica a cargo de Maria Teresa Uranga ingeniera agrónoma directora del fundo Huampaní.

16:00-18:00 Proyección del documental: “El Futuro de los Alimentos”

18:00- 19:00 Conversatorio sobre “El Futuro de los Alimentos”


Viernes 7

9:00 – 9:30 Ceremonia del Agua

9:30-10:00 Proyección de escenas del Documental: “La Verdad Incomoda”

10:00 a 11:30 Baños Secos y Tratamiento de Aguas Grises a cargo de Heike Hoffmann especialista en Saneamiento Ecológico - Rotaria del Perú SAC

11:30 – 13:00 Visitas Guiadas

· Filtros de Agua con carbón

· Bomba de Ariete

· Energía Hidroeléctrica

· Baños Secos

· Cocina Solar

· Ducha solar

· Filtros UV

13:00-15:00 Almuerzo

15:00-16:00 Agua y Filtros de agua a cargo de Elizabeth Dougherty especialista en manejo de agua.

16:00 – 17:00 Conversatorio sobre la propuesta de ley del gobierno sobre las aguas a cargo de Daniel Zevallos director fundador de la organización Nuna Ayni.


Sábado 8

9:00-9:30 Ceremonia del Fuego

9:30 – 11:30 Proyección de Documental “La Hora 11”

11:30 - 13:00 Conversatorio sobre Calentamiento Global y Consumismo a cargo de Luz María Ampuero directora fundadora de la organización Nuna Ayni

13:00-15:00 Almuerzo

15:00 – 17:00 Reforestación con plantas nativas a cargo del especialista Salustio Pumacondor

17:00 – 19:00 Compartir de diversas tecnologías y proyectos:

- Reciclaje de botellas plásticas en bolsas (Josefa y Fernanda de la Puente).

-Tecnología mejorada de adobe (Carlos Torres arquitecto especializado en bio construcción)

- Proyecto “Ecovalles” (Javier Bonifaz)


Domingo 9

9:00-9:30 Ceremonia a la Respiración.

9:30 – 11:00 Proyección de escenas del documental: “La Corporación”

11:00-12:00 Apuntes sobre la Amazonia a cargo de Alonso del Río miembro fundador del Proyecto Educativo Wiñaypac y de la Asociación Illa Sara Ayllu

12:00 – 13:00 Obra de teatro “La Amenaza del Mounstruo” por los niños de la escuela Wiñaypac

13:00- 15:00 Almuerzo

15:00-16:00 Compartir de proyectos

- Proyecto Educativos alternativos: Proyecto Educativo Wiñaypaq (Taray) y escuela Tikapata (Urubamba)

- Ania : Tierra para Niños


-Proyecto Nuna Ayni

16:00 – 17:00 Conversatorio: Recordando la real dimensión de la comunicación a cargo de Daniel Zevallos.

17:00 – 18:00 Danza Circular.

18:00-19:00 Clausura.

* El programa está sujeto a cambio

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

Permaculture Perú Association “A Bridge from the Past to the Future”

Permaculture principles have been practiced in Peru since ancient times. Even today, many communities in Peru continue to employ this ancestral wisdom, enriching our country and making each Peruvian an heir of the techniques and designs for producing and utilizing food, clean water, and shelter in an healthy and sustainable manner.

At the same time, advancements in technological knowledge are enhancing the embedded knowledge of traditional lifestyles, leading to even greater quality of life and efficacy in our systems of sustainability, specific to this particular time in history and to this specific location in Latin America.

For us, this means making a concerted, informed effort to sustainably use the resources that Mother Earth has given to us, respecting, honoring and giving thanks for her gifts. With this approach, we are able to establish harmonious lifestyles, as well as leaving future generations a legacy of living in balance with natural systems.

This is the spirit in which the Peru Permaculture Association (Association de Permacultura Peru) invites you to Peru’s first official permaculture event, “A Bridge Between the Past and the Future”. Our goal for this event is to raise consciousness and develop an active network of permaculturists in Peru (and beyond) devoted to sustainable living.

This event, “A Bridge from the Past to the Future” will be held for four days, August 6-9 2009, in Taray (located near Pisac in the Sacred Cusco Valley), Peru. During these four days, we will work with national and international experts in such different areas as organic agriculture, agroforestry, compost toilets, natural building, water systems management, renewable energy, and seed management, all within the context of Peru and it’s socio-economically and geographically varied populace. We will also be holding sacred ceremonies, and round tables, viewing documentaries, playing music and joining in other activities to support our understanding of what it means to live appropriately and sustainable with our precious resources. In this way, we will call on the past and adapt our lifestyle choices in the present in order to create a sustainable future.

Event Details:Please be aware that the conferences will be held in Spanish. While some English speakers will be on hand, we cannot guarantee a translator.

Dates: August 6-9, 2009

Location: Taray, Peru. The event will be held at an off-grid education center built and managed with permaculture principles by the Wiñaypac Education Association (Association Educativa Wiñaypaq). This center is just outside the lovely, small town of Taray, in the Sacred Valley of Peru (50 minutes from Cusco and five minutes from Pisac).

Alonso del Rio and his family, the basis of the Association Educativa Wiñaypaq, are well into creating an ecovillage here in Taray. The structures are natural buildings, the food is vegetarian and organic (coming from their own garden), electricity is generated from a mini hydroelectric plant they built. They have used these materials to teach local Peruvian youth a natural way of living, where good relations between man and Mother Earth are honored.

Accomodations and Food:
Food and lodging are not included in the seminar. We are providing a list of hostels and hotels in the Pisac area (most include breakfast), as well as a list of local restaurants. We will offer an organic, vegetarian lunch available for each of the four days as a cost of $10 soles (approximately $3.50 US) for each meal. This will support local Taray and Pisac families who will be preparing the food. **We will be soon posting some information on hostels and hotels in the Pisac Area.

We are expecting 200 people for this event. Thirty of the 200 are special invitees, leaders of 30 different Andean communities of the Cusco region. There are no prerequisites for joining us, other than a determination to live in greater appreciation of Mother Earth and to gain the necessary knowledge to make the best choices for living sustainably.

We are asking for a donation from Peruvians of $20. For non-Peruvians, we have a sliding scale fee of $30-$200. US dollars. This amount covers only a portion of the costs for producing this event. We are also requesting any additional help with garnering more funds for this event, each and every penny of which is greatly appreciated! This will help us to cover the cost of the 30 indigenous leaders, who will not be asked to contribute, as they are subsistence farmers, who will have to be away from their families and crops for these days.

Please send your name, address, phone, email to:

We ask you to send your resitration fee as a wire transfer to:
Name of the Bank: Banco de Crédito del Perú
Name of the Account Holder: Association de Permacultura Peru
For international deposits:
Swift code: BCPLPEPL
Abba code: 067015355

Due to the fact that we are limited by the space registration will be closed July 12, 2009

(or before if we reach the maximum capacity).

In addition to your finacial collaboration, another great way to help us is in the volunteer programs before and during the event.

Pre-Event: Creating the Infrastructures
Dates: July 17-August 6
Accomodations: Lodging in a single communal room with very basic services is available in the pre-event period only. Please bring a sleeping bag. Once the event begins, this communal space will be used by the 30 indigenous leaders, and there is no housing being offered to volunteers during the actual four day event.
Qualifications: For this work, we need people who have had previous experience in natural building, architecture, eco habitats, etc.
· Construction of (13 x 13 mts) Temascal structure, inside which the conference will be held.
· Food and fair trade market spaces.
· Compost ToiletsEvent Volunteer Opportunities
Dates: August 6-9
Accomadations: None, registration fee waived.
Qualifications: Enthusiasm, respect, and a desire to help.
· Set-up and tear-down
· Registration (only first day)
· Audiovisual equipment
· General Assistance
· Food and Fair Trade Fair

The program is inspired by the four elements and fundamental resources for life: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each day will be devoted to one of the elements. Beginning each day with a ceremony is our way to show our respect and thank the wisdom of Nature and every thing it has to offer us.

Here are the main themes, under which other subjects will be addressed.
Please take note that the conferences will be held in Spanish.

Thursday Aug 6

8:00 – 8:30 Pago (Payment) to Mother Earth
8:30-9:00 play “The Monster Threat” by the children of the Wiñaypac School.
9:00 -9:50 Introduction to permaculture – problems and solutions.
10:00 – 13:00 Problems- “Deterioration of environemental conditions on the Earth”
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Planting ceremony. Blessing of the seed.
14:30-18:30 Solutions
- 15:15-17:30 Organic Agriculture
17:30 – 16:30 Round tables
19:00pm Documentary Showing: “The Future of Food”

Friday, Aug 7

8:00 – 8:30 Water Ceremony
8:30 -13:00 Problems What are our water sources and how are we managing them now?
13:00 – 13:30 Integration activity
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:30 SolutionsTreatment vs. Sustainable Management of the waterRound Tables::
19:00pm Documentary Showing: “Blue Waters”

Saturday, Aug 8

8:00-8:30 Fire Ceremony
8:30- 13:00 ProblemsGlobal Heating
13:00-13:30 Integration activity
14:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30 -18:30 SolutionsConscious consumption alternativesRound Tables:
19:00pm Documentary Projection “The 11th Hour”

Sunday, Aug 9

8:00-8:30 Breathing Ceremony.
8:30 – 13:00 Problems Deforestation of the Amazon
13:00- 13:30 Integration activity
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 18:30 SolutionsAlternative EducationCommunity systems Round tables
19:00pm Documentary Projection “The Corporation”.

* Alcohol and any substance that is forbidden by Peruvian government is not allowed at the event.
* It is important to maintain order and cleanliness. We ask that you to limit your garbage production to a minimum, as well as being completely responsible for it’s disposal. Employ the principle of “Leave No Footprint”!
* If you are planning to buy lunches during the event, please bring your own dish, cup and spoon.
* We recommend you to be prepared for hot and cold temperatures during the day.

Spanish speakers with questions may contact:
Maria Eugenia de Aliaga
Carlos Cesar

English speakers with questions may contact:
Dr. Elizabeth (In California, USA) 510-776-1780
You can also join us on Facebook: